Line Striping

Keep your Asphalt Markings Looking Fresh

Keeping your traffic signs fresh and easy to see will ensure that drivers are able to navigate safely, whether it’s in a parking lot or on the road.

We have the quality equipment and skilled employees to make sure that your asphalt striping looks clean and professional.

A parking lot also says a lot about your business.¬†If your lines are worn and hard to read, people may wrongfully assume bad things about your business and how it’s run.

So, by freshening up your lines you are making a statement about how you want customers to think about your company before they even walk in the door. 

Our services will allow you to provide the organizational structure that drivers expect. Have crisp, fresh lines on your parking lot or road helps drivers know where to go (and not go) and also makes parking easier. They will also help give your asphalt the high quality appearance that you’re looking for.

Target parking lot in Valparaiso in resurfaced and painted, line striping.

Why You Should Use our Line Striping Services

  • Safety

Line striping allows drivers to navigate parking lots and streets with ease, and prevents confusion that oftentimes leads to accidents. It can also make crosswalks more visible, improving the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

  • Organization

Our services can help you fit more customers in your parking lot, and clean lines can maximize the number of parking spaces you are able to offer. We can also make it easier for the handicapped to locate and park in designated spots, giving them an easier and more direct path to your business.

  • Professional Appearance

Fresh markings on your asphalt give the impression that you care about all aspects of your business, and this extends to before your customers even walk in the door.

  • Legal Obligation

Parking lots are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to have certain lines in their design. These include handicapped designations, lines to indicate the location of fire lanes, lines and arrows that control the flow of traffic, and crosswalks for pedestrians. Parking lines must also indicate no-parking zones and loading zones.




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