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Protect and Beautify your Asphalt with Seal Coating

To extend the life of your asphalt investment, you must have a maintenance routine – it isn’t just about making it look pretty. Seal coating is the “sunblock” for your asphalt. It’s important to keep your binder (the glue that holds your asphalt together) protected from the harmful effects of the sun, petroleum products, and precipitation. The ‘pretty’ part is just a fringe benefit. Asphalt can be sealed too frequently, and we see this all the time. That’s why it’s important to use a contractor that is conscientious and looks out for the customer and not just the company’s bottom line.
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Check out the Reasons why you should Seal Coat your Asphalt


From sealing out water to keeping out unwanted chemicals, seal coating has many advantages. Take a look at some of the reasons below:

  • Chemical and UV damage

Helps protect against harmful chemicals like oil, transmission fluid and fuels. It can also help block harmful UV rays, which break down the binder that holds your surface together.

  • Seals out water

Your asphalt has to take a lot of abuse from the elements – especially during the cold winter months when the water freezes and thaws, causing cracks in the asphalt. Crack fill and seal coating can protect and preserve it for years to come.

  • Cost-effective

Many studies have shown that your return on maintenance expenditures is far outweighed by the extension of asphalt life that is achieved by a maintenance routine.

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