Seal Coating 101: Facts & Benefits

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This adage often brings to mind preparedness and safety precautions. Did you know it can also relate to the upkeep and routine maintenance of your asphalt driveway or parking lot? Much like regularly scheduled oil changes prolong the life of your vehicle, seal coating can extend the life of your asphalt. Read on to learn about seal coating and its many benefits.

White striping parking lot project

What is Seal Coating?

Like most things in life, asphalt doesn’t last forever. Weather, traffic wear and tear and the passage of time all contribute to the breakdown of pavement. Seal coating helps to lengthen a driveway or parking lot’s lifespan by providing a protective layer to asphalt. Seal coating helps seal out water, including seepage from rain and snow, and prevents cracks from winter’s damaging freeze-thaw cycle.

Seal coating, much like a stain on a wooden deck, adds a top coat of protection. It acts like the SPF for your asphalt; the binder, or glue, inside the asphalt is protected from damaging UV sun rays, precipitation and chemicals like oil, transmission fluid and fuel leaks. The coating creates a smoother surface which helps rain better wash away debris and dirt.

Visually, it fills small surface voids and beautifies your asphalt! Seal coating has a dark black color that makes asphalt look fresh and new. This can increase the curb appeal of your home or business, and can make parking lot lines stand out and be more visible. Safety and beauty? It’s a win-win!

Why Should I Do It?

There are three main reasons to seal coat your asphalt driveway:
1. Extend the life of your investment. Seal coating is a cost effective way to maintain your asphalt. Repaving is far more expensive than applying a seal coat–don’t do it before you have to!

2. Prevent damage and cracks. Routine maintenance is important for anything you value. Just like you take care of your vehicle with regular oil changes, you should take care of your asphalt with regular seal coating.

3. Protect and beautify your home or business. We know you take pride in your property; seal coating is another way to keep it looking its best.

When to Seal Coat vs. When to Repave

Seal coating should be done with regularity to prevent future damage from occurring. Talk to the experts at Pro Drive Asphalt to know how often to seal coat and whether or not your surface is a candidate.

Generally speaking, however, if your asphalt has severely broken areas or significant cracks — often called alligator cracking in the industry due to its resemblance to an alligator’s hide — it is time to repave completely. Seal coating over cracked pavement does not repair underlying issues.

If your asphalt has no significant structural damage but could benefit from a “facelift,” consider a seal coating application. Keep your surface smooth and attractive for years to come!

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