Choosing an Asphalt Contractor For Your Municipality Project

Municipal Paving Decision Scorecard

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, there are 29, 616 miles of road throughout the state. Many of these miles are municipal, the repair funds for which are drawn from a mix of federal, state, county, and city monies. This reflects that fact that road maintenance matters on every level of a city’s life: from the residents, to the tourists, first responders, industrial transporters, and beyond. With such a complex web of stakeholders, it’s essential for planning commissions to make the best possible choices when planning a paving project.

Municipal paving project

If you are a decision-maker for your municipality, practice careful notetaking during the current paving season. Visit current projects with a checklist and camera. Use the information you collect to guide your decisions for the next season. Here are suggested criteria for your contractor scorecards:

1. Were the projects completed on time and on budget?

Review projects to determine which contractors kept to their plan and which veered unnecessarily. True, some delays are unavoidable – such as if there was a long-lasting winter and wet spring. But keep an eye on trends. Note those who worked well in spite of challenges, and note those who were excessively delayed.

2. Quality of work

One key here is to pay particular attention to the contractors’ compaction processes. Underlying soil should be evenly and thoroughly packed so the road above won’t heave or crack.

Crack filling municipal project

3. Watch the water

Take a drive during the wet fall and winter weather to see how the water is draining off the recently completed projects. Water can be a safety hazard, and it can also damage the road and walkways.

4. Maintenance plans

Even the best roads need maintenance. See who excels at pothole repair, drain repair, and seal coating. The longer asphalt lasts, the healthier your budget will be.

Create a document that allows you to track these criteria for each contractor, adding notes and questions to prepare for your interviews with the contractors about next year’s projects. If you are considering a contractor you didn’t use in the current season, reach out to the municipal officers of cities who did.

Paving decisions are both important and expensive, so the more data you have to help you decide, the better.

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